Whole Brain Teaching

In our classroom, we utilize whole brain teaching techniques. This means that students are using their bodies frequently while learning. I work hard to "chunk" lessons for students, allowing them time to process information more efficiently. Here is an example: Video

Along with using our bodies to learn, we have frequent "movement breaks" throughout the day. Our movement breaks include activities such as dancing, yoga/stretching, mindfulness activities, and cooperative mini-games/activities (such as fun secret handshakes). 

Class Rules

1. Follow directions quickly

2. Raise your hand for permission to speak

3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

4. Make smart choices.

5. Keep your learning community happy :)

Diamond Rule: Keep your eyes on the target!

Behavior Management

I admit, I am a strict teacher - but I am also a lot of fun. By having high expectations for my students, I am preparing them for the real world and saving as much valuable time as possible for learning. I strive to give 10 positive remarks for every 1 negative.

There are many systems I use, but a big one is "super improvers". Each student has  a white card. When they earn 10 stamps on their card, they get to move up a level and earn a different color card. 

Privileges & Positive Reinforcement:

1. Flexible Seating 

2. Jobs

3. Free choice time 

4. 2-3 Teepee ( students can take a 2-3 min break at any time when needed) & Calm Down Cubby

5. Pawsitives - students fill these out and drop in a box. Weekly drawings are done for prizes, and twice a year the school hosts an assembly where LOTS of drawings happen.

6. Class parties/games


1. Verbal Warning

2. Loss of privilege / Assigned Seating

3. Minor Written Warning

4. Recess Detention

5. Major Written aka Referral & parent contact 

Note to parents: Some behaviors will warrant an immediate referral. Behaviors include, but are not limited to, physical aggression, theft, non-compliance, abusive language, harassment/bullying, property damage, inappropriate location, lying/cheating, and alcohol/tobacco/weapon.  



I encourage parents and families of students to download ClassDojo. ClassDojo is where students have their digital portfolios, classroom stories/videos, and messaging between parent-teacher. ​

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