Professional Portfolio

Amanda Koen, MA

MEd Elementary Education, Certified Teacher

   I completed my BA in Communication Studies & Marketing, giving me a background in interpersonal/intrapersonal studies, rhetorical studies, and performance art. I have over 10 years of professional experience, 7 years of managerial experience, 6 years working with children of all ages, and 3 years of experience in a classroom environment. Additionally, I have been a professional photographer for the past 11 years. 

Look more into my work:

"Amanda is a dedicated professional that is earning the respect of not only myself and the students, but of the community. She prepares creative and enjoyable lessons, that meet the varied needs of students. She is knowledgeable on the concepts she teachers and and reflective after every lesson.  Mrs. Koen has wonderful classroom management techniques."

Pat Gagnon

Fourth Grade Teacher

"I have had the opportunity to observe Amanda's instruction several times this year and have been impressed by her ability to engage her students, manage the classroom with great efficiency, and create an environment of kindness and respect."

Cindy Neese

Principal, Mt. Vernon Elem.

"Mrs. Koens class works very hard for her because of the relationships she has built with them. They show mutual respect for each other, and Ms. Koen allows students to be responsible for their own learning and environment. I have just completed my 12th year of teaching and Ms. Koen has taught me several new strategies that I now implement with my class."

Melody Bustillos 

Second Grade Teacher

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