What do 11 year old girls do during the summer? When the end of the school year hit, my favorite thing to do was dumpster dive. The recycle bins behind the schools were my favorite place to explore. I found treasures like overhead transparencies, worksheets, workbooks, textbooks, and more. I'd wobble home with my hands full, excited to show my brother. My grandaddy was a middle school teacher, so I would up in his office and play teacher-student with my brother. 

      Fast forward to today, and I am a college graduate. While I was working on my bachelor's, an old highschool teacher of mine reached out to me to see if I would be interested in interviewing for a job at an elementary school. I was hired on to help run the office for an after school program called ASPIRE. ASPIRE was a place for students who had learning or behavioral difficulties, and who teachers had recommended to our program for extra guidance. I would run in between classrooms to grab attendance and drop off snacks. I fell in love with the students and yearned to be in charge of my own classroom. When teachers would call in, I was asked to step in and take over for the day. This was my moment! My site-coordinator saw my passion and complimented me on my natural classroom management abilities. She asked if I would be interested in taking over a class next semester (Um, YES?!). I put in my application and before I knew it I had my very first class: 20 second graders.

A passion inside of me had been awoken. I always looked forward to work, and no matter how crazy the day was - I went home with a happy heart. I felt like I was making a difference. Knowing this, I committed myself to a goal: become a teacher.  I completed my bachelors in communication studies, and then started looking for a master program. 

A couple years later, I had completed my masters program in Elementary Education. I felt accomplished, and was ready to tackle the classroom with all the fun new tools I had acquired. I am passionate about using research driven classroom methods in order to reach as many students as possible. I truly believe every student is capable of learning, and I make it a goal to have all students reach mastery level in curriculum. But I don't only teach the curriculum. Students come to my classroom with backpacks full of life struggles and trauma. I work hard to help them overcome the burden these struggles place on their hearts. I work to give them hope and confidence.

I work hard to motivate students to help be the change in the world that they wish to see. 

Because today's students are tomorrow's future.  


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