What we are learning...

Math: We are reviewing all the facts we have mastered, and we will soon be moving into our next unit where we will add and subtract to 20.

Red Group - Red group is working on using tools such as a 100s chart to count on. 

Green Group - in addition to the above lessons, Green Group is working on geometry. 










1. I can describe the characters, setting, and major events in a story (plot). 

2. I can talk about genres and their features: fantasy, informational text, realistic fiction.

Video Link: Plot Mountain

Video Link: Characters

Video Link: Setting

Video Link: Fantasy

Video Link: Realistic Fiction



Language Arts:

1. I can use a comma when listing 3 or more things.

2. I can understand parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, articles, etc.).

Video Link: Adjectives

Video Link: Nouns 

Video Link: Verbs

Video Link: Articles 

Sight Words & High-Frequency Words: Click Here



1. I can recognize the basic features of print. This means I can use capitalization and punctuation appropriately.

2. I am also learning how to write neatly on ruled paper. 

Video Link: Punctuation 

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